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Customer Relationship Management
We provide a better experience for our clients with the first collaborative relationship and workflow management for our real estate agents and teams.
Design Custom and Qualified Leads
Our Qualified Lead includes the contact information of customers expressing interest in a particular property in a specified geography. Qualified Leads are sent to agents within minutes from the consumer expressing interest online.
Simple, transparent communication
Our recent customers consider communication and transparency to be the most important factor in choosing an agent. With Cetonvale as a collaborative workspace, you can nurture leads, manage the transaction, and ensure your clients feel prepared and informed every step of the way.
Great after-sales support
Run into trouble? Don't fret, our friendly support staff have you covered.
Great experiences drive repeat clients and referrals
Increase referrals by providing unmatched curated experiences and helpful tools that your clients will remember.
For humans by humans
We know you love selling homes and building relationships. Let us streamline communication and workflows, so you can build lifelong fans.

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